Let a new and exciting approach to dating take your life in the direction it was intended, and straight into the arms of M.R. R.I.G.H.T. (Meaningful Rewarding Relationship  Inspiring Genuine Healthy Togetherness).

Call Him Mr. Right or Call Him a Cab  is a girl's guide to dating and waiting for love. We really need to be educated on the more serious things in life. Someone taught you how to drive a car, but who taught you how to date?  Dating is one of the most important things you will ever do in your lifetime. It is the gateway to your wedding, the birth of your children, and the door to your future. Go about it all wrong, and you can literally re-route your life in a direction it was never intended to take. Stay on track by learning the process of dating, and the secret to waiting for love in this practical three-part guidebook.

Section One begins by revealing the fifteen roadblocks that have contributed to the problems we face in today's relationships. Section Two then presents a new approach to finding love and personal happiness. And finally, Section Three introduces a new dating technique called Four Zone Dating.

Confused? If you have tried everything, and nothing really helps you understand the painstaking process of dating - try something new. Try reading the instructions.

From A to Z, from dating to marriage, find the answers to the questions that have haunted you since childhood in this eye-opening book.